Restoring Dad's 1946 2N Ford Tractor

Some of the story

Sometime in the mid 70's the tractor became unreliable, it was just flat in need of an engine rebuild. When I was in Jr. high school my Dad and I started taking it apart to refresh the engine. Once apart Dad said, "OK, as soon as I have a little extra money we will get a rebuild kit and rebuild the engine". Extra money was something that rarely shows up at a house with 8 kids, we were always well fed and had decent clothes, but extra money??

 So the tractor sat in the garage and other priorities in life took over. I went to college, got married, moved away, had kids etc. Dad passed away in 2003. Mom sold the house and land in 2005 and told me if I wanted that tractor I better come get it, so that is what I did. My son Bill, my brother Mike and I reassembled the tractor enough to wheel it onto a trailer (see the homepage picture). I was in the middle of a father/son project with Bill to restore a 1960 Ford F-100 and wasn't ready to begin working on it so I stored it in one of my friend's barn. It sat there until Thanksgiving weekend in 2008, when we picked it up to bring it home to work on. See below:



The last picture is at my house in Marietta Ohio, where me and my family have lived since 1992. The garage where we will work on the tractor was built in 2004 by me, my 2 son's Mike and Bill and my 4 brothers Ron, Dale, Mike and Carl.

Less than 1 year later, October 2009:

Looks a little different on the trailer. We are on the way out to the farm and weather permitting will be pulling a hay wagon for the fall festival this weekend. Runs and works like brand new.