Restoring Dad's 1946 2N Ford Tractor

This is a letter that Dad wrote to his folks in 1952 from Fort Hood Texas (readable text below the letter)

Sept. 26, 1952

Dear Folks,

It's Friday evening and we had a parade today. We were inspected by the 4th Army commander. It wasn't the whole division just the Artillery outfit, 4 battalions in all. It is still plenty warm to stand out in the sun. The days are warm but the nights are cool. You have to sleep under a blanket. It will continue to cool off from now on.

They are doing alot of shifting around in our battery. We've had two first Sargents in the past month and they are shifting some of the officers around also. We are short of men and alot of the men have to  do 2 or more jobs and that don't work so hot. It don't go as well as it did last year when we had plenty of men. We haven't had any new men come in for a long time.

Oct. 1 1952

It's sure taking me a long time for me to finish this letter. I've been purty busy lately. One of the sargents in the motor pool went on leave and there's only 2 of us left. When he gets back he's going up to Fort Sill to school. The motor sargent is going to go to Japan and I'm going to be left holding the bag. I guess I'll be chief cook & bottle washer. Randall is out now and should be in North Dokato by now. He sure was a happy when he left. It's getting down now that I can say that I've 6 months and so many days. That isn't too long anymore. It can't get here too quickly though.

I'm glad to hear that you have the wheat in. You must be about caught up on the farm work. It seems funny to hear that you have had a frost. It is quite pleasent weather down here. The weather here (I must confess) is a little nicer in the winter time than it is in Ohio. I would sure like it to snow about 10 inches down here sometime just to see how the people would act.  I don't think they have ever seen a snowplow around here.

I saw a good movie the other night. It's called "Where's Charlie" it was very good. They get some good movies here on the post.

They sure are having a big fuss about the coming election. I'm going to send in and try and get an absentee ballot. They gave us each a card we can send in and get a ballot. I don't know if I'll get one or not. If I do I sure don't know who to vote for. Their sure digging up all kinds of scandal about everybody connected with the election. I guess you can dig up something bad about everybody. I sure haven't made up my mind on who to vote for. I wish there was more of a choice. They have alot of arguments about it. The election is sorta taking a back seat this week because of the World Series. I still think Cleveland should have won. I'm for the Yankees but they didn"t do too good today. I imagine they have the games on television. They are starting to get television down here but they haven't got it close to camp yet.

We go out for a field trip tomorrow to practice the battalion test, The test will come off some time in November. The test itself is only 6 hrs long but it takes alot of practice to get good enough to pass it. We will have it purty rough this year becasue we are short of men but we will make out. Well I think I'll close for now. Everything going OK here, I hope it's the same there.