Restoring Dad's 1946 2N Ford Tractor

Restoring a 1959 Nash Metropolitan Convertible

We started with 2 cars, a convertible that looked good but the entire floor and middle frame section was shot. Plus I determined during disassemble that it had been wrecked in the driver side. The second car was a 1958 coupe that was stripped down, no engine or transmission, but the body was in quite good shape. There were some small rust in the floor that were pretty easy to fix and a few other small items.

So the project evolved into taking the 58 coupe and converting it into a 59 convertible. This is being accomplished by using all the necessary parts from the 59. This included the trunk lid since the 58 did not have a trunk lid, you had to access the trunk through the back seat.

A few starting point pictures: The 1959 convertible and the 1958 coupe, there are more pictures in the Gallery.